Summer Programs

Big Picture Seminar

for Grade 9 students

The summer Big Picture Seminar is designed to help students entering grade 9 develop a clear vision of their future, starting now. Through activities, advice and sound direction, students get to see their high school years as an opportunity to develop the personal qualities that lead to happiness and success in life.

Through activities, advice and sound direction, students get to see their high school years as an opportunity to develop the personal qualities that lead to happiness and success in life.

The purpose of the seminar is two-fold: to help young men form high ideals, realistic goals, and practical plans for meeting the challenges awaiting them in the future, and to share practical advice for succeeding academically, choosing career paths and becoming effective leaders in the workplace and in society.

Now is the time to start learning what it takes to build the future, in order to succeed as professionals, family men, and responsible citizens.

Seminar modules:

  • Building Personal Strengths: integrity, conscience, concentration, effective use of time, and social graces
  • Making Career Choices: directing studies and pre-professional activities as well as choosing a professional career
  • Planning Ahead: thinking about university admission
  • The Power of Reading: learning why reading is important and what books to read, building habits of a discriminating reader
  • Expanding the Mind: developing an appreciation for great artistic and intellectual achievements
  • Defining Personal Values: developing character and maturity, seeing setbacks as opportunities to grow and better discern one’s path in life
  • Living with Integrity: learning to always act in consonance with one’s principles and faith
  • Understanding Ethics and Etiquette: introducing notions of business ethics, good manners and business etiquette
  • Becoming a Role Model: discussing what it takes to be a good father, a good family man

Registration Information

Quebec City
July 8 – 14, 2019 (Registrations still open)
July 17 – 23, 2019 (Registrations still open)

Cost: $500

Register before June 5


Cost: $150

Register before May 31

July 16 – 21, 2019
July 23 – 28, 2019

Cost: $300

Register before June 5

Students entering Grade 8 can apply for the Vancouver BPS series

Nicaragua International Service Project

for Grade 12 students

This project is organized in close collaboration with local organizations in Nicaragua. The participants give time and energy by helping indigenous communities with various infrastructure projects, such as building septic tanks, community halls, and chapels, and by teaching children basic English, Mathematics, and Catechism.

The project takes place in the town of Diriamba in Carazo state. It is in the middle of a tropical jungle, so prepare for some intense and humid heat.

Registration Information

Diriamba, Nicaragua

Due to the current socio-political situation in Nicaragua, this project will not take place this year. We are planning one for Mexico 25 June 2019 to 4 July 2019. Details to be confirmed.

Sunshine Coast Environmental Stewardship Project

for Grade 10 – 12 students

Participants work with staff and volunteers of the Ruby Lake Lagoon society to enhance and preserve the natural habitat and wildlife of the Sunshine Coast region.

The work involves removal of invasive species on land and water, trail clearing and maintenance, setting up composter bin units, installing habitats for birds and other wildlife on the coast, and much more.

The project also includes excursions to the coastal lakes and islands, as well as daily sessions on ecological stewardship and responsibility.


Ruby Lake, British Columbia

July 30 – August 4, 2019


Register before July 1, 2019

Quebec City Citizens Project

for Grade 10 – 12 students

Participants to this service project will have a chance to experience a variety of service activities towards those in need.

The projects involve: help with household and maintenance work at homes for people with intellectual disabilities, the elderly, soup kitchens for the homeless, and clothing and food banks for the underprivileged.

Students of both English and French speaking backgrounds are invited to participate, as the activities will be run in a bilingual setting. The project will also include visits to cultural and historical sites in Quebec City.


Quebec City, Quebec

July 11 – 15, 2018


Registrations are closed for this project